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Please note that we are a WASH, DRY, and FOLD service. We clean and sanitize all fabrics in a washing machine. If you would prefer to NOT have your items washed in a washing machine or dried in a dryer please make sure each garment is separated prior to your pick up time. Special care items should be noted in special instructions when booking. All bookings are scheduled 12hrs prior to pick up. We have a service fee of $7.50+ per scheduled pick up per 75lbs. Please make sure you add desired pick up location in add message when booking.


Pants (1) - $7.00

Shirts (1) - $7.00

Jacket (1) - $9.00

Socks per pair - $3.00+

*Please note this service may take up to 24hrs and may be returned the next day.


Shoes - $10.00 


* Does include shoe strings. Please note that any shoe that is requested to be washed will go in a washing machine. We recommend only cloth shoes. (e.g; chucks, vans, roshe)


Stain removal (per item) - $5.00+ 

* This may take up to 24hrs and item(s) could be returned the next day.


Wash & Fold (25lb minimum) - $1.55 lb.

Each additional separate wash item - $5.00

Stain removal - $5.00+

Lint removal - $3.00+

Shoes - $10.00+

Hangers - $1.00 per 3 pack 

Sanitize/odor control - $10.00+

Privacy bags - $5.00 

    - These bags are great for undergarments and minimal items that need a special service. Once purchased it is yours to keep.


  • Comforter set includes:

        - Pillow Cases (4)

        - Fitted sheet

        - Flat sheet

        - bed skirt

  • Twin set - $18.00

  • Queen set - $20.00

  • King set - $25.00

  • Blanket - $12.00 

  • Bed pillows per pair - $5 (+$3 King)

Bathroom rug set (per set 3 piece) - $15.00+

*These prices are subject to change. Up charges apply to certain fabrics and services, we can not insure every stain will be removed and heavy stain removal is an up charge and may be returned next day. Please check all pockets, stains from chapstick, slime, candy etc that are left in the pockets we are not responsible for. 

Please note we do not process heavily soiled linen from body fluids or pet/animal items. Laundry that contains pest, pet, mold, or rodent feces will not be processed and returned as is.


We also have a $25 cancellation/late fee  (72hrs or less)/No launder fee (If you do not have your laundry prepared, if we can not contact you or if we have to return it as is, this fee will be applied) 

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