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Image by Oli Woodman


Fresh Fabrics is a Tulsa based wash, dry, and fold service. We add time to your day while eliminating the stress and hassle of laundry for the ambitious, busy, and the relax and retired, with the convenience of our mobile website and easy scheduling system. 

We pride ourselves on customer service and integrity. All agents are friendly and responsive to any request that you may have. Although all request are not guaranteed we ensure that our efforts are to do the best we can to satisfy all clients.


We offer a wide range of detergents from sensitive and fragrance free to traditional detergents. This allows our customers to choose the best product for themselves and their family.

Pick-up and drop off - We serve Tulsa and surrounding areas. Our agents pick up and drop off at your desired location, returning fresh fabrics same day for all bookings made by12:00pm. Please allow 30 minutes grace period for our agents when selecting a pick up time. 

* Not sure if we serve your neighborhood? Message us to find out! Please note we do not process heavily soiled linen from body fluids or pet/animal items. Laundry that contains pest, pet, mold, or rodent feces will not be processed and returned as is. 

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